Lungu Is Following Chiluba’s Footsteps-Kabimba…where is he getting the money he is dishing out to marketeers?

Rainbow Party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says President Edgar Chagwa  Lungu is repeating  late Frederick Chiluba’s  mistake of dishing out money carelessly to achieve his third term ambition.

From left to right: Sata, Kabimba & Lubinda pix by Derrick Sinjela

And Kabimba says President Lungu is the only Zambian who  is not seeing corruption in the country.

Appearing on Prime TV’s  Oxygen of democracy  programme, Kabimba said President Lungu should not fall in Chiluba’s political grave.

He said late Chiluba dished money to every one to get an endorsement  but  the  consequences where very ghastly to contemplate.

Kabimba said everyone who benefited from ill gotten money from Chiluba rejected him when his time came.

The Rainbow Party Secretary General said he foresees this happening to President Lungu if he is not careful because the rate at which he is dishing  out money to achieve his ambition is threatening.

He wondered where the President is getting money he is dishing out to marketeers.

“Why are Zambian politicians so  dull at history? What the PF are doing now is what Chiluba did when he was  anticipating to go for a third term. Who didn’t Chiluba give money in this country? but when his time came they just told him that ‘no sir we don’t want you’. Why can’t Edgar learn from that. Who tells him he can do whatever he wants to do in this country as long as he goes around dishing money ?” asked Kabimba, ” And who is accounting for the money he is giving marketeers? Under which budget is it provided for!”

And Kabimba said it seems President Lungu is the only Zambian who does not know that there is a lot of corruption in the PF government.

“There is rampant corruption and it is only Edgar who doesn’t see it. The man with machinery in his hands, upon his arrival at the airport says ‘give me  information on corruption involving my Ministers and if it is credible, I will act on it’. He is the only Jew in Jerusalem who doesn’t know that Christ has risen. If you ask a marketeer about corruption, they will answer you that it is there because they see it,” the former PF Secretary General said.