PF Disowns Former Big Brother Housemate Max Chongu

Patriotic Front(PF), Lusaka district Executive has warned ordinary member Max Chongu with unknown sanctions, for unauthorized statements he issues commenting on the Party and its affairs.


Speaking at a packed media briefing in Lusaka, Lusaka District Chairperson Starford Kayame has said the Party will deal with Chongu for commenting on Party matters without authority or sanction.


The former big brother, Max Chongu issues regular statement on all social media and blogs where he is a member and those critical of the party and its leadership are picked up mainstream media.


Kayame also advised the media to ignore the statements from Chongu as the bulk of allegations are not verified or true and they have no blessing of the party.


He wondered why Chongu was enjoying the limelight of his statements when they were being used by hostile media and those he termed “anti-Development” to the Patriotic Front.

Chongu has been warned not to issue statement of Party affairs in the past by Patriotic Front Secretary General, Davies Mwila but has persisted,”.