Shimunza Commits Corruption Fight To God


We in the Movement for National Transformation MNT, are calling all Churches, leaders,  Mothers,  police Officers,  Military Officers or business men and women,  workers,  young people, and Students everywhere who fear God to take seriously from this Friday three times daily to pray for our Nation Zambia.


Prayers must be  conducted anywhere by taking just 15 minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening to commit our nation to God in the light of everything happening that offends God and our fellow country men.


Zambia has escalated into a nation of corruption, and has reached the peak of post truth as a society – Which means dishonesty, lies, and deception has become our creed against God and one another.


Further,  that we have become a nation that sheds innocent blood,  lacks justice,  violence against our fellow citizens, no fear of God,  insults,  accusations, and character assassination,  our leaders promote division, and tribalism and as believers we have not sought our God, we just talk, murmur and complain about it.


The complexity of this post truth society is a bad culture in every sector of our society and we need to return to God to seek his mercy. As a movement, we believe that protests alone will not deal with corruption, unless our hearts turn to God. But as a christian nation let us go to our God like 1991, and ask him our supreme leader to hear our cries daily for just 15 minutes morning,  afternoon, and evening anywhere you are daily.


Starting tomorrow let all Citizens observe this 15 minutes daily until God rains righteous government upon our nation and transforms our nation in everything.


Contact us that you are with us in prayer daily as individuals or groups, fellowships, churches, and leaders. See you in Prayer as God changes Zambia. Watch and pray!  Daniel 6:10. Let this message go everywhere to everyone.


Issued by : Daniel Mvula Shimunza

Your Founding President

Movement for National Transformation, MNT


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