Leave Us Alone, It Is Our Money-SET, Pilato, Miti

As dissenting views continue facing resistance,  heavily armed police officers have arrested  Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) leader Enock Sean Tembo(SET) renowned satirist Pilato, Zambia Council for Social  Development( ZCSD) Executive Director Lewis Mwape, Political Activist Laura Miti and others for demonstrating against the procurement of 42 fire tenders at a cost of $42 million.

The angry citizens led by Tembo, Pilato and Mwape gathered at  Puma Filling Station as they waited for Miti to join them from the police where she    was being questioned.

At  about 13:00hrs, Miti joined the  rest of the protestors.

With placards denouncing the purchase of fire tenders, the protestors marched to Parliament peacefully.

At the gate of Parliament building,

the uncompromising police on the look out grabbed and destroyed the placards.

As the protesting group persisted to go ahead with the peaceful protest heading to the main Parliament building, some unruly cadres who spotted them   called for police action.

The were heard saying:” Get out of here, why can’t you allow the police to do their job?”

At this point, police moved in to arrest Tembo, Pilato, Miti, Mwape among others.

The women where taken to Garden Station while men headed to Lusaka Emmasdale Police Station.

As they were taken to the police station bundled in the police van, they were heard saying, ” It is our money why are you arresting us?”