UPPZ Threatens To Block Donnor Election Campaign Funds

United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia(UPPZ) leader Charles Chanda has threatened to go on a worldwide campaign, telling donors agencies  not to fund elections campaigns because of  the undemocratic tendencies by the  PF with regards  the on- going discussions on the  Political Party Bill(PPB).

The discussions of the PAB at the Mulungushi International Conference Center have hit a snug because some key stakeholders have been left out of the crucial meeting.

Stakeholders have described the meeting as despotic as it lacked full representation from all the political parties.

Chanda who confirmed being blocked from entry by  officers’ from the Justice Ministry, said the PF government could have made the meeting inclusive.

The opposition leader wants answers from Justice Minister Given Lubinda   why he decided to leave him out of the meeting when he is going to be on the Presidential ballot paper in 2021.

He said  it is  unfortunate that his party was not given an opportunity to witness the appointment of the board.

“How can they block a political party that is duly registered under the Registrar of Societies.They are very dull. Nangu  tamwasambilila you can  pretend to be educated when handling national matters.

This country will not development with such kind of stereo type people. We have cadres who call themselves civil servants. How can a Minister of Justice give civil servants orders to block certain political parties. I was there, they looked like grade twos. But how will they look at me, God willing when I form government because I am in the Presidential race?” he wondered.

Chanda, however, said it does not matter even if UPPZ was  denied an opportunity to take part in the deliberations because   it is  not an election and that  Lubinda is not the final say but the people  who  are going to be voting in September 2021.

When pressed further: Chanda retorted:” I am not affected but I want to tell the Zambian people that since they have decided to exclude me, I will go on a worldwide campaign to meet donor agencies that fund elections and tell them that ‘look you cannot fund a country that does not respect democracy. They should not underrate me because I have capacity to frustrate them.”

He said the PF is trying to frustrate small political parties so that they frustrate them after which they swallow them to make numbers ahead of the 2021 elections but vowed that his party will stand by its principles.