Protesters Thank Zambians

Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) leader Sean Enock Tembo (SET) has paid tribute to Zambians  for showing solidarity when he and others were detained, following a protest against the purchase of 42 Fire Tenders at Parliament building yesterday.

” I wish to thank you all Zambians for your warm wishes during my unlawful incarceration following our lawful protest at Parliament yesterday over the $42 million fire tender scandal. Me and my colleagues, Laura Miti, Pilato, Lewis Mwape, Bonwell Mwewa and Mika are extremely grateful to all citizens and we hope that you shall continue to stand on the side of accountability and patriotism, even as we move forward,” Tembo who is Patriots for Economy (PeP) leader said.


He said people’s support was invaluable in keeping them in high spirits while behind bars.

” Please continue with this spirit. Together, we shall liberate this country and ensure sanity prevails, if not for our own sake, then for the sake of our children and their children,” Tembo said.

He paid similar compliments to the media.

” To the media, we want to say a big THANK YOU for giving our protest the required coverage. We heavily rely on your galant professionalism for us to put our messages out there to the masses. You’re true patriots. With noble and fearless men and women like yourselves, we are assured of victory in our quest for a better Zambia, devoid of the existing mediocrity,” the opposition leader said.


Tembo said the quest for justice to prevail on the issue of the $42 million scandal remains unwavering and is just starting.

“We intend to pursue this matter all the way to its logical conclusion. In this regard, we shall this week be writing to President Lungu to follow up on modalities for our commissioned forensic audit in this matter,” he said.


Tembo said whoever unduly benefitted from this $42 million scandal needs to be very afraid because the Zambian masses  are coming for them.

“As Patriots for Economic Progress, we shall be relentless in our pursuit of this matter until the truth comes out and justice prevails. That much is assured, come rain or sunshine,” he concluded.