Zambia’s Electricity Stable-Kapata


ZESCO spokesperson Henry Kapata is assuring Zambian households and firms of stable and reliable  electricity supply.

Speaking at the conclusion of a client, customer, media and staff familiarization of Kafue Gorge hydro-power generation facility in Kafue District, Mr. Kapata explained that creating rapport with electricity consumers is viewed as priority by ZESCO management led by Managing Director, Victor Mundende.

Kapata says engagement with household and the business community will potentially create appreciation of challenges in  electric power generation, transmission and distribution to domestic and commercial consumers.

“We need to continue building relationships with domestic and commercial consumers of electricity. It is equally imperative to deepen media engagement as communicators will assist us reach customers more effectively,” Kapata said during a tour coordinated by ZESCO Public Relations Officer Airtel Phiri.

Customers expressed awe at the phenomenal investment  by successive government, at Kafue Gorge built in 1967, master minded by the United National Independence Party (UNIP) President Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda.

With a built-in-generation of 990 megawatts, Kafue Gorge is now generating 922 kilowatts of electricity.

Said Kapata: “For us as ZESCO  Limited  we believe in engagement of our customers and business community and the media to appreciate our hydro power electric generation, transmission and distribution. Most people do not really understand nor appreciation our work. We believe that interaction with the business community, households and the media will result in effective communication of what really happens in the process of generating of electricity”.

ZESCO is now generating 930 megawatts at Kafue Gorge, Zamba’s second largest hydro electric power plant. Zambia’s first greatest generation plant Kariba, generates over 1,000 megawatts of hydro electric power.