We Will Not Drop Our Petition, Vows HH…We want to set a precedence

We Will Not Drop Our Petition, Vows HH…We want to set a precedence

United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema says his team will not  drop the emotive Presidential  Petition case as legal recourse is a citizens’ democratic right.

And Mr. Hichilema says his call for National Dialogue must not be mistaken for cowardice on account of being incarceration for 127 days (four months and seven days).

In his second Press Conference after spending 127 in a deplorable incarceration, Hichilema said the UPND petition should be heard before the party starts talking about the 2021 election.

The UPND leader said  his die-hard team would want the petition to be heard to set a right  precedence and deter future electoral malpractices.

“Yesterday, when I posted the announcement of this Press Conference, I received a comment from one citizen who said ‘don’t talk about the 2016 elections. We have to move on! Was he serious? How can we ignore the petition that is still before the courts of law. Our petition was not heard. You know what it means if  our  petition is not heard? It means the some thing will happen in 2050 because the PF will then have set a bad precedence. So, we need to change that.  We can not talk about 2021 without sorting out electoral malpractices that occurred in the election,” he said amid jubilation from his supporters who gathered at his New Kasama mansion in Lusaka.

Hichilema went for the three constitutional judges that included Justice Mulenga Justice Mungeni, Justice Palan Mulondwe and Justice Anne Mwewa saying they vehemently refused to hear the evidence brought before the court in exchange for a pieces of silver.

“When you see Palan Mulondwe tell him that you are corrupt, when you see Anne Mwewa, tell her that madam you are corrupt and tell Mulenga Mungeni that you are corrupt. You Journalists know what happened that midnight,” Hichilema said, ” Those judges are corrupt. So, our Electoral Petition should be heard but not under the Constitutional Court. That court must benothing disbanded.”

And Hichilema said the UPND does not want Chulu to oversee the next elections.

” Priscilla Isaacs ran away. Now we want Chulu to leave the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ)



And Hichilema said his incarceration has nothing to do with a call for dialogue.


” There are number of things we have to look at. We have to make reforms in the electoral process, dealing with the breakdown of rule of law, media harassments, poor economic performance among other things. Some  people are saying that HH alelanda pali dialogue pantu balifwanta(but some people are saying’ HH is talking about dialogue because he was thrown in Mukobeko Prison,” the UPND leader retorted.