HH Rebukes Diamond TV For Betraying Dr Saviour Chishimba

United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema  opened old  wounds when he openly rebuked Diamond TV for setting up a trap for police to arrest his opposition counterpart Saviuor Chishimba of the United Progressive People (UPP) .

Dr Chishimba confessed that Diamond TV employee Costa Mwansa sold him to the police when he accepted an invitation to appear for a recorded programme.

He explained that a few minutes after the TV recorded interview, Mwansa escorted him  and as they were walking to the car park, plain clothed police officers suddenly appeared and informed the UPP leader that he was under arrest for defaming the President.

Dr Chishimba said he got suspicious that Diamond TV boss(Mwansa) had betrayed him for a piece of silver  when he became uneasy and retreated without saying anything when  plain clothed  policemen appeared on the scene.

The Diamond TV employees did not film Dr Chishimba being taken to the Police Station despite the incidence happening at the premises of a media house.

Months after the incidence, Mwansa has not disputed Dr Chishimba’s claims.

Hichilema took advantage of a question from a Diamond TV Reporter who wanted to know what the current standing on National Dialogue is to undress the TV station during his yesterday’s  Press Conference.

Hichilema said while in incarceration, he heard with sadness  that the TV station had laid a trap on Dr Chishimba.

He said it was very bad for the media to be used to arrest innocent citizens with divergent views.

“When I was in prison, I  heard how Dr Chishimba was trapped by your TV station,” Hichilema said, “I have mentioned this because you have asked me about National Dialogue.”

Hichilema said the system is so desperate that it is even paying the media to betray their news sources  in apparent reference to Mwansa’s action on Dr Chishimba.