Corruption At Juldan Buses

Dear Editor,
P Please help us by investigating the corruption happening with Juldan buses in South Africa. They have no system in the way they pack and carry luggage. We are asked to pay exorbitant fees for luggage on top of bus fares. To have luggage packed on the buses we have to pay someone and still that does not guarantee your luggage being packed.
We have so much luggage remaining behind which we are not sure it will arrive. When goods remain we are asked to leave money for boarder ZRA fees for clearance which is not receipted and when goods get to the boarders they claim it was not enough to clear the goods so they request for more money.
Zambians are struggling especially women to run businesses so as to cushion family incomes but staff at these bus stations are getting free money from already suffering women because of their positions. Please publish on anonymity basis.
-By Annonymous