My New Girl Is A BILL!

My New Girl Is A BILL!

Dear Editor,

I am 30 year old man and with a two-year-old son. Let me give a background of me. I have a successful business and I am single because of my baby momma/ex-fiance decided to cheat on me with her previous Ex-BF. Anyway, I recently met this gal and we went out a few times. And all of the sudden she has started demanding for money e.g Rentals, hair, bringing her friends bills etc.

So I have never even kissed this one let alone sleep with her. Recently I went to see her at a certain lodge and she was with her friends and they had racked up almost K1200 on drinks and food. Ati come see me and only to be given a huge bill.

Editor, I hope I get a mature response. When is the right time for a man to start settling bills…? I need a woman who is respectable and caring. Those things are not a problem. For monetary things are not a problem but to start asking for money when no relationship, is it right?

One Response to "My New Girl Is A BILL!"

  1. Chilankalipa   November 13, 2017 at 11:20 am

    You are wise to find out before you go deep into the waters of no return. Keep on searching for the person who will simply be a respectable wife and not a gold digger.