The Cry Of A Rural School Going Child: A Case Of Rural Education In Zambia

The Cry Of A Rural School Going Child: A Case Of Rural Education In Zambia

Despite the fact that education has long been considered the vehicle of development not only economically but also personality development, a rural school going child does not receive the appropriate education in our country. A rural school going child walks long distances going to schools commonly known as “community schools” that are not even well staffed.

A rural school going child lacks text books but we expect a good academic performance from him or her which is 100% unrealistic. I took time to visit Mbala district where I found a community school called Mwengele community school in a village called Mwengele.

Just upon seeing how my young brothers and sisters learn, my eyes were full of tears and wondered where the saviour will come from to save these innocent souls from such a calamity. I was surprised to find a school made out of grasses without desks, some walk long distances from neighboring villages like Mwambezi and Chinenke that can be statistically 9km far.

Even some of the teachers are just volunteers who have just managed to obtain grade twelve certificates. My young brothers have no one to help them to achieve their dreams. My economic muscles are just too small hence the only thing I could do was to help them with pens, pencils and some words of encouragement. I strongly believe these young people dream high that’s why they manage to go to school in such conditions.

I know this dilemma not only happens in that village but countrywide in villages that are still in a colonial era. I call it a colonial era because that is the kind of education that whites provided to black people while providing for themselves a better education at the expense of our resources. I feel as if we are still having a dual system of education that of urban and of rural settlers. Let us do something my beloved brothers and sisters.

Sichilima Warren
Mufulira Professional College Student