Wife Admits Committing Adultery

A LUSAKA housewife has admitted making love with another man at a lodge because her husband was denying her conjugal rights.
Anes Mumba of Lilanda West compound was testifying in the Lusaka Local Court after her husband, George Mumba, 49, a businessman sued James Katongo, 38, of Lilanda compound for adultery with his wife.
Mumba told Senior Court Magistrates Miyanda Banda and Ronnie Shafwensha at Matero Local Court that he married Anes in 1991 and that they have seven children.
He explained that for three months now people had been telling him about a Dunlop security Guard who goes to order beer at a nearby bar and later chats with Anes.
Mumba said he had also been informed that his wife even cooks nshima for the same man. He said he had been hearing about all these stories while he was spending some nights at his shop.
Mumba explained that on November 11, 2017 at 21:30 hours he caught Anes answering a phone call saying: “sweetie I have arrived safely” and that when he checked he found a number saved as Alice.
Mumba further explained that he found two numbers Airtel and MTN saved as Alice and that when he told Anes that he knew Alice was Katongo, at first she admitted having a love affair with him.
Mumba added that his wife later claimed Katongo had just proposed love to her.
Mumba further said that when he asked Anes to let him check her, he was shocked to find her underwear soiled with semen.
‘’I left Anes at Katongo’s house and later Anes changed the statement that they just do business with Katongo.
“I slapped her and kicked Katongo. After I was detained Anes revealed to my relatives that the two have a sexual relationship because I sleep at the shop,’’ said Mumba.
In defence, Katongo denied having a love affair with Anes but that he merely knew her because she had a wholesale shop.
He explained that Mumba was demanding a house and a car from him for breaking his marriage, saying he was asking for too much from him.
Anes further testified that last week on Saturday after Katongo called, Mumba beat her and checked her private parts and took her to Katongo’s house.
Asked by Mumba if she did not admit having love affair with Katongo, Anes admitted.
And asked by the court if she had a love affair with Katongo, Anes admitted but denied making love.
Asked by Katongo to explain what she meant by love affair, Anes revealed that they had made love.
Anes told the court that they had made love at the Guest House in Matero behind Saint Monica School and that Katongo even gave her K150.
She blamed Mumba whom she said had denied her conjugal rights by sleeping in the shop for three days.
Mumba said insisted he wanted a house and a new canter from Katongo for destroying his marriage of 26 years.
The court adjourned the matter to a later date to scrutinise messages in the phone.