Lusambo Says Women are Not His Weakness After Accruing K26, 000 In Bills At Protea Hotel

Lusambo Says Women are Not His Weakness After Accruing K26, 000 In Bills At Protea Hotel

In an interview over a report circulating on social media that he has accrued a K26,000 bill at Protea Hotel Arcades in Lusaka where he allegedly had a room he used to entertain various ‘girls’, Lusambo said the whole scheme had failed the test as the conspirators did not know his weakness.

There is a receipt allegedly from Protea Hotel asserting that Lusamba had accrued a bill of K26,000 at the hotel where he checked in on December 2, 2016 and checked out on November 22, 2017.

“Tapali ifilipo, ninshi tamubepushishe ba Protea abene? Awe tapali ifilipo mubepushe ba Protea abene, literally nothing. Ask them (Protea), maybe bena nabakwatako ama (they may have the) answers but me I don’t know what they are talking about. These things don’t move me at all, they are not things I can even be moved with; it’s just something useless,” Lusambo said.

“I have been told about it but it’s useless. I think abantu tabaishiba ama (don’t know my) weakness yandi pantu ifyo balelanda ifyabanakashi (because the women they are talking about) I am not there, not there. They are just trying to make up stories; tabaishiba ama [they don’t know the) real weakness yandi abantu. Those (womanising) are not my weaknesses, no. Nga bachilandako fimbi not abanakashi; ifya banakashi awe teti, nganimwebo mwanjikata kale (they should have mentioned other issues, not women issues. Women issue; I can’t, you would have caught me already. Let them talk about other things, I am above that. I am not excited.”

He said he was sad that people had fabricated a story against him.

“Ba Protea nabeshiba abene (Protea know themselves), it’s not me; I am not there, kufyabanakashi. Ba Protea will tell you that its not true, ba Protea kaili epo bali. Abantu balebepako fimbi (people should lie about other issues), I am a very free person. It’s a total fabrication, I am just sad people can start saying such things. People have tried and have failed, bakaciteko fimbi,” said Lusambo.

It is alleged that Lusambo had refused to pay the K26,000 debt after using different rooms to entertain different ladies at the hotel. Protea Hotels marketing and public relations manager Khetiwe Chiumya Puta refused to comment on the matter. She, however, said she would let this reporter know if the position of the hotel on the matter changed.

“We have no comment. We will not comment, that’s our position but when that position changes, we will inform you,” said Puta.

But as soon as this reporter left Puta’s office, Lusambo was spotted heading to her office.

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  1. iyeee   November 29, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    OK the headline as usual is a total throw away… were in your own artcle here does he say women are his weakness.