Every Person’s Secret Fear

Every Person’s Secret Fear

David prayed, “cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth.” Psalms 71:9, KJV.

One of the most touching prayers to be ever recorded in the Bible is the prayer recorded in Psalm chapter seventy one. It is a prayer of soul- desperation and gross fear; fear of death and fear of old age.

Old age and death is the destiny of every person. Yet, it’s everyone’s nightmare. But sadly, if time lingers long, we’ll all have to pass through this sobering phenomena without a choice.

In old age, a person’s life reverts back to days like those of his childhood, characterized with frail and failing strength. Dependence on others and vulnerability become the order of life.

In old age, the reality of death becomes imminent, triggering strong strides of unavoidable fears and deep- rooted loneliness. As for a failed life, guilt and regret add to the list of sorrows.

Old age drowns down all of a person’s ambitions. All achievements stand as a heap of unusable monuments which matter less. Life with all its fancies and delicacies now seem unattractive.

In that moment only one thing matters; an assurance of life after death. Assurance of God’s forgiveness and hope of resurrection is the only thing that may send a soul into comfortable death.

That’s what King David pleaded for. He pleaded of Divine comfort when the shed of death threaten his aging soul. He prayed for a fulfilling old age which only is found in the Lord.

Oh what an ugly reality that we are all headed for white hair, dim eyes and wrinkled skin. Oh how sickening is the though that everything we have and everything we are, Will one day matter no more.

Oh how the Lord might anchor our souls when our strength fails!

By Pastor Muyambango Muyambango