Why Is This The Case Ladies and Gentlemen?

Why Is This The Case Ladies and Gentlemen?

Have you noticed that, once you get married or in a committed relationship, suddenly every man becomes​ interested in you? EVEN those that never used to notice you start send all those nice messages?

The same thing with men – They all turn down your proposal & WHEN some lady sees you,takes you on & starts to bring the best out of you – Then they start showing interest..

Abantu Tababa Necisuma.

One Response to "Why Is This The Case Ladies and Gentlemen?"

  1. Mr Litaba   December 1, 2017 at 11:20 pm

    This is because once you start dating, you begin to show self confidence. you glow. you are happy. you are smiling, and then you look more beautiful, more attractive and even more welcoming.

    when you are not dating, you might be giving out a sorry sight, look sad, moody, uncaring of your appearance and even rude.