We Committed Incest But I’m Changed And Need Help!

We Committed Incest But I’m Changed And Need Help!

I am a lady 33-years old old happily married. I need advice from you ba Tumfweko. I had my child when I was 15 with my relative(cousin) but I hid the truth from him because I was scared to bring the shame in the family instead I accused another man who I slept with him only once despite knowing am already pregnant with my cousin.

I was 2 months pregnant by then when I accused this guy that am carrying your child but he refused and I told him myself the truth that its not your baby its someone’s else since then I have kept my child alone with the man I’m married to and I told him everything about my baby and he accepted.

My child now is 16-years old but the problem is that when she starts asking me about her  real dad because she grew up knowing only the man I am married to  as her real father but people told her the truth. What can I do, should I tell her the truth but the problem again is  her real father doesn’t know anything and he is married. I don’t want to bring confusion in his marriage.

What should I do please advise me no insults.

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  1. Jah Messenger   December 8, 2017 at 10:25 am

    You deserve no advice, and am not insulting you. The fact that you made someone else to be responsible for a pregnancy he was not actually responsible for is the worst thing. Iam saying this as a man, I feel I was also “given” a pregnancy under the same pretext.
    Think it through yourself and reconcile with yourself before telling the child