My Cousin Wants Me To Impregnate Her!

My Cousin Wants Me To Impregnate Her!

Dear Editor,

Please post for me and hide my ID. I am a man aged 34 and married to a  29-year-old beautiful lady with 2 children together living happily in my marriage.

The problem is my mum’s cousin who is my Uncle has this beautiful cousin of mine who is 27  and married whom we were playing together not of love things but just cousins before both of us got married . She has been married for 3-years and some months without any child and they are quarrels in their marriage over a child but my cousin is coming to me to make her get pregnant. I am lost she is beautiful but what should I do?

-By Anonymous

One Response to "My Cousin Wants Me To Impregnate Her!"

  1. Tommy   December 4, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    You are a fool to even contemplate it…