My Partner Has A Problem With Gases

My Partner Has  A Problem With Gases

I am a married man aged 32 and my wife is 27 we have two children. She is a good wife but the issue is she has gases and she farts(kushula) alot and it stinks so bad kaya ve amadya vesini madya ine and my children. I banned eggs and beans . We even stopped going out for dinner because I am afraid that she will blow up anytime mwe bantu its really embarrassing.

I stopped inviting my friends over we only have one car and i can’t ride with her anymore and again she can’t be using public transport just imagine mu bus a baby can even die and i can’t put people at risk because she is my responsibility. So I am thinking of buying her a car elo a ka small one without Windows so that aka shula she chocks on her gases. What more can I do? People advise me. I need your help and ideas.

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  1. Doc   December 4, 2017 at 4:02 am

    She might be lactose intolerant and can’t handle dairy