I Love You Iris-Part One

I Love You Iris-Part One

Iris cover your breasts

They are for my children to suck

And my eyes to see in the bedroom, after we wed


Forget the camera

Forget the eyes, forget the ears

And come in my stinking arms

Because they have sweated just to be with you


I have never stopped loving you

I have never stopped thinking about you

Your smile makes me see a wife in you


I know you did porn

But I am more concerned about why you were born

Because I see potential and believe in you

I am sorry for turning my back on you

When I should have held you

I am sorry for condemning you

Instead of correcting you

I am sorry for not giving you the love you needed

You needed my love more than my harsh words


I just want to let you know that you are loved

You are so special that even Jesus left heaven

Just for you

To die for you


Does not matter what you have done

You are beautiful

You are special

And you are wonderful

I should have written this earlier

But better late than ever,

Otherwise I would have been a failure

When people rise and start throwing stones at you,

The reason I put my stone down instead of throwing at you

Is that I too have faults

Masturbation, prostitution, theft, lying, fornication, adultery

Drunkenness, hypocrisy


I always think of life after death

We are visitors in this world, we visit once planet earth

And the most important thing is “how we depart?”


RIP to the holier than thou attitude

Your sins are not greater or less than my sins

As long as I am human too then am a sinner

Its Christ alone who can set us free and clean us


I believe you are greater than the phoenix that rose from ashes

Despite what they tell you, you still move on

I am inspired by your courage, it’s not easy been you

I realize many would have killed themselves

I realize many would have killed their ego

But you are still standing

And I just want to stand with you

And tell you “God loves you and he needs you.”

One Response to "I Love You Iris-Part One"

  1. Greg Kadimba   December 4, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    Rule number one,never turn a whore into a housewife