Max: Either You Are Pf Or Not! Stop Attending Opposition Meetings In The Name Of Knowing What The Opposition Is Doing

Max: Either You Are Pf Or Not! Stop Attending Opposition Meetings In The Name Of Knowing What The Opposition Is Doing

Good afternoon fellow countrymen and women, comrades from the Patriotic Front Party, all protocols observed.

Fellow compatriots, truthfully speaking its better to remain with a few but trusted, loyal and committed members in the party than keeping traitors or betrayers all in the name of numbers because doing so is just cheating to ourselves.

Its these same traitors that are decampaigning the party PF by showering the leadership with lies knowing too well that they are directly campaigning for the opposition.

What happened in mazabuka, Kafue , Copperbbelt and luapula should not be entertained with clumsy excuses because to me that amounts to treacherous behavior which should not be entertained.

Yes i do understand we might have frustrations and disappointments among ourselves, but this should not make us lose hope and trust in our party PF above all our distinguished humble leader president Edgar Chagwa Lungu to the extent we start showing signs of disloyalty and betrayal by attending opposition gatherings privately.

I wish to urge fellow pf members be it on the structure or not that PF still has a bright future in politics and thinking of crossing the floor might be a political mistake.

Yes we might be having economical turbulence mostly among the grassroots but am convinced that our able listening and humble leader will soon address issues affecting the grassroots and everything else will be back to normal.

Those that are exhibiting signs of disloyalty or pretentious behavior by seating on the wall fence without knowing which political direction to take should just come out in the open and declare whether they are still PF or not! Than sneaking into opposition gatherings selling information.

Iam not unminding the fact that its one’s Democratic right to support the political party of their choice but its wrong for people in party structures to be present at opposition gatherings because that sends a wrong signal to ordinary members.

We can not have three district officials and four constituency officials in an opposition gathering and when asked you give a clumsy excuse to say you wanted to see whose in attendance from the pf party.

The party has party security to divulge and compile intelligence reports that offer solutions to any possible political threat to the party PF, why not use them.

CHIMBWI AFWILE NTANGANANA you cannot be attending pf meetings and opposition gatherings at the same time you need to choose whether to be pf or in opposition period.

To the grassroots mostly youths i want to assure you that president Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a lawyer by profession and as such lawyers take time to make decisions but once decisions are made they are usually concrete and made in good faith in the best interest of the people.

I can rest assure you that president Edgar Chagwa Lungu has heard our cries and am sure a much more appropriate and tangible lasting solution in favour of the grassroots will soon be arrived at, so let’s all support the party PF and our distinguished humble leader president Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Please take note that these sentiments are purely my own personal views and in no way do they represent the official position of the party PF.