The Policy And Ideological Bankruptcy Of The PF-Led Government



Date : 6th December, 2017




We as Movement for National Transformation, MNT, have consistently ADVISED, that Zambia is on a wrong policy path and ideological direction, because of various reasons under the PF led government, since 2011 :


1. Since 2011, the economy of the nation has been declining in real concrete growth patterns, that practically benefit common men in improving the quality of daily life, and has remained a virtual artificial,  and deceptive statistical socialist form of  macro-economic policy, where the state interferes in all,  termed “hand bag economics” ridden with public debt budrens, over – taxation of Citizens, irresponsible  consumptionism, at the expenses of production driven growth, lack of fiscal discipline, and frugality. Recent revelations by IMF attest to this fact of crisis proportions in both external and domestic debt stress levels and management.


2. Since 2011,  the PF led government, has fostered ” a false and deceptive third world development agenda “. They promised lower taxes,  more jobs, and more money in our pockets, but have done the opposite, and very  little deceptively in fulfillment of that promise.  Infrastructure development has come with a huge debt liability. This development is not desirable, sustainable, and it is a false model in the 21st century, because it only perpetuates a very weak third world lack of  human development in so far as the  quality of life is concerned,  immersed in daily poverty, while corruptly,  busy building roads, but people do not eat roads daily. Priorities matter. Democracy is about mature, responsible, consistently competive policies, and ideological skill in government to address contextual challenges in a global square. Despotic government arrogance, is a sign of insecurity, immaturity,  Mediocrity, and incompetence of leadership from top to bottom.


3.  Since 2011,  PF has lacked serious ideological strength in policy coherence, and consistency. Caderism has clouded their professionalism. The Party and government are inseparable, creating leadership gaps. What is in their manifesto, and what is being implemented is at variance, because they keep copying and pasting from various sources, to reconstruct, and compensate for a deficit, and defective  vision they do not have. For instance, Industrialisation and transformation,  media reforms,  military and airforce developments recently advanced, and Which they are trying to implement are an appendix  of what is contained in their  manifesto and current  constitution, stolen from us. We are on record with the registrar of Societies that much of our ideas where stolen, before our party registration,  and we are aware that they also are amending their constitution for 2021 after seeing ours.


4. Since 2011, Corruption allegations keep growing by the day with evidence covered by a system that tolerates the  vice, as revealed in the Auditor General’s reports, questionable tender awarding procedures, or procurement,  and selfish aggradizement of abuse of public resources are exacerbating the effectiveness of government. The only people doing well since 2011, are those close to power, unfortunately.


5. Since 2011, the government ‘s Foreign policy is more about begging by the President and over travelling lobbying for transactional investments that have denied Zambians full participation in the economic benefits, while foreigners keep looting our national resources in capital flights,  without proper taxation for  multinational corporations. Economic policy should work at home,  to.advance an effective foreign policy abroad. We are not respected abroad, because we are poor and weak at home. Charity begins at home.


Conclusively,  MNT has a first world Zambia vision for real  transformation, and policy alternatives, from third world -middle income status,  in both domestic and foreign policy directives to lead us beyond being a middle income country to  first world Zambia in 2021and beyond, that will ensure aggressive industrialisation to create decent jobs,  modernisation of shanty compounds, and rural areas, improve the quality of life for ALL Zambians.  Transformation is our agenda in Policing, military, education, Agriculture, tourism, and health for best practices, and first world nation status. We shall balance the public and private sector trade initiatives, to have competitive and comparative advantages in the region, and world respectively.   We refuse to remain a third world nation or middle income nation by 2030.  It’s time for mature, strong vision, and ideological first world, 21st Century leadership, which all recycled politicians have failed to achieve in the last 53 years of relative development and  mediocrity. We must draw the line in 2021, not to have more of the same people in politics expecting different results. Transformation is on the way. Get ready!



Issued by :


Daniel Mvula Shimunza