Now Police Shoot Dead 2 People In Mazabuka, Residents Riot

Now Police Shoot Dead 2 People In Mazabuka, Residents Riot

Police in Mazabuka Distict have reportedly shot dead two cattle rustlers in Musuma ward last night.

The suspects allegedly refused to corporate with the law enforcers leading to their fate.

And residents in the District are currently rioting following the death of the two suspects.

The remains of the suspects have been taken to Mazabuka General Hospital and when nurses were about to deposit them to the mortuary, the residents impounded the bodies demanding that the officer who pulled the trigger ‘finishes’ the job by taking the bodies to the mogue.

The irate and uncompromising residents earlier matched to the police station in a bid to demand for answers as to why the two people were shot at.

They were met with the full force from police who fired teargas to disperse them but the mob is currently reorganising for a possible show down.

And Southern Province Commissioner of Police Bonny Kapeso tells Radio Chikuni News in an interview that Police officers responsible are currently detained and will appear in court soon to account for their actions.

Mazabuka has in the recent past seen all mother of riots, especially where death of a person is concerned.

Police officers have always been outnumbered and consequently, reinforcement has been called from other districts, including Lusaka.

The situation remains tense.

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  1. Mutale One   December 11, 2017 at 8:40 am

    pf police cadres at work…lol