ZED Predicts Hunger During 2017/2018 Farming Season

ZED Predicts Hunger During 2017/2018 Farming Season

Zambians for Empowerment and Development (ZED) says there is looming hunger in the country following the failure by the ministry of agriculture to activate electronic voucher cards on time.

Party Spokesperson Wesley Miyanda says many households in Zambia will be hit by hunger because government has failed to properly implement the farmer input support programme this year.

Mr. Miyanda has described the distribution of the 2017/2018 farming inputs under the farmer input supply programme (FISP) as a disaster.

He tells q-news that government has demonstrated that it has failed to undertake the e-voucher system.

Mr. Miyanda says most small scale farmers have been left stranded by the chaotic manner in which the FISP has been implemented in the current farming season.