ZAMTEL Launches Lowest Internet Bundles

ZAMTEL Launches Lowest Internet Bundles

State Owned Enterprise Zamtel is investing US$280 million in network modernization and upgrade countrywide.

And the state owned company has today released a cocktail of lowly priced internet bundles in an apparent fierce price battle among the three mobile players.

Zambian customers woke up Saturday morming to a social media frenzy about the lowest Internet bundles ever in the nation’s history from as low as K1 for 50MB of data.

In the last three days, all the three mobile service providers have revised their data bundle offers, but it’s the indigenous brand that has given the customers their last laugh.

A quick price comparison reveals that the famous 1GB of data that other players are offering for K25, Zamtel offloaded a staggering 1.5 GB at K10, by far, being the most affordable network in Zambia.

Zamtel Corporate Communications Manager, Kennedy Mambwe in a statement to the media says the company has done this for the customers.

Mr. Mambwe says Zamtel wants to prove that communication can and should be affordable in Zambia.

He says the company has conveniently packaged the new bundle offers to suit different customer lifestyles.

He states that Zamtel remains committed to offering the most affordable and widely accessible communication services in Zambia and is investing $280 million in network modernization and upgrade countrywide.

Mr. Mambwe says in the next 30 months, Zamtel is poised to have the widest network coverage after completing an extra 1009 sites being rolled out in all the 10 provinces of Zambia, putting the brand in line to become the number one service provider.