It’s Time To Grow – Refuse To Stay Where You Are

It’s Time To Grow – Refuse To Stay Where You Are

By Emmanuel Mukula

What we go through in life is either a blessing or a lesson & either way it becomes a blessing that adds to who we are & helps with where we wish to go.

Refuse to make a home where you dont belong. Don’t settle where you are because there is more .You can not be poor & miserable yet try to be comfortable there .You need to work on yourself & get out of it. You have to stir your faith up & give it that fighting chance with belief that life can get better than it is.

God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. Take courage to be grounded in who you are & know you don’t belong where you currently are. It’s time to break those limitations to do great things with work.

Don’t give up – You may have been knocked down to the ground, may have fallen & cried but get ready to rebuild, restore & refresh yourself for the great person you were born to be. REFUSE to settle for less in life.

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