We Fully Support Extension Of Term One Opening But………

We Fully Support Extension Of Term One Opening But………

As National Action for Quality Education in Zambia [NAQEZ], we want to fully support government over
deferment to open term one of 2018, due to a major outbreak of the cholera mainly in Lusaka district.
While this extension will have grave effects on the country’s academic calendar, this extension was and is still
inevitable. Opening schools and higher learning institutions during this period of the cholera outbreak would
have been carelessness of the highest magnitude. It could have exposed our young people to great danger of
contracting this deadly disease.

However, we appeal to the Ministry of General Education to consider adjusting the closing date for
term one. This will make sure that learners are not academically disadvantaged.

We now call upon the Lusaka city council to rise to the occasion and make sure that residents of the capital
are never exposed to cholera again. The local authority has a responsibility of keeping the city clean.
Our organization invites all school going children to always wash their hands after using the toilet and
making sure that all food is made clean before eating.

NAQEZ strongly implores pupils across the country never to throw away books. We expect them to continue
studying even during this waiting period.

Finally, we appeal to all Zambians, regardless of political or religious orientation, to unite and work
together in order for the country to overcome this epidemic. This one is a national problem requiring
national action.
Issued by:
Executive Director
0979 552885