PF Cadre Says NDC Is More a Threat Than UPND ‘We Are Losing Numbers Carelessly To NDC’

PF Cadre Says NDC Is More a Threat Than UPND ‘We Are Losing Numbers Carelessly To NDC’

Dear PF,

Whilst we are busy expelling our hardworking members, OUR own members in NDC are regrouping and indeed, regrouping at supersonic speed.

Our own members are now a bigger threat than the UPND. Talkative Hon Dr Chishimba Kambwili, Hon Harry Kalaba, Hon Mwenya Musenge and indeed Hon Tutwa Ngulube are factors.

Remember, a distraught lot led by Frederick Chiluba disposed off the one party state of UNIP.

Remember, that a frustrated lot regrouped to FORM PF and boom assumed office.

Let us not fold our hands and say the “True Greens” that have left us are not a factor. They are indeed an enemy within. They are dismantling our weak structures and adding numbers to themselves. Politics is about adding numbers and not subtracting them.

Let us mobilise in large numbers and have resources put in structures. Let us put enough money in structures to operate effectively not this habit of charity work as it remained in 2017.

PF Leaders, as i apologise for using social media as a means of communication because some of you are no longer accessible, help us with resources to counter the threat that is posed by our frustrated members joining the NDC.

Let us not go back to our usual comfort song that those leaving are not FACTORS. Remember that when Hon Kambwili and Hon Musenge left they were not factors but frustrated politicians as one was fired on corruption allegations and the other lamentably lost his re-election in Chimwemwe.

Today, their frustration has regrouped in the form of NDC and are setting up structures within our party. What is more dangerous is that our members defections are silent.

Check this out, barely an hour of Saboi opening an NDC WhatsApp group link, the group reached its max and she’s opening others. That should send shivers to true members of PF. NDC is championing their frustration vigorously. They need a counter rigorous reaction.

I beg my party not to be comfortable with the status quo. Let us go out and mobilise. Insala bane taileta ama results.

Let the structures concentrate on politics and our elected members on governance. Time to do both is past. Give us the resources we give you feedback.

Remember how flawed some of our structures were made during our internal elections including Roan Constituency where Kambwili ensured he strategically put his minions were he needed them? Those results are manifesting now.

These sentiments are my own and do not represent the position of the party. I thank you.

Chibuye Mwape
PF member