Shithole Countries–Donald Trump Should Not Get Away With It!

Shithole Countries–Donald Trump Should Not Get Away With It!

“Shithole countries” is Donald Trump’s characterization of African nations. Shithole nations? Who does not know that Africa is the engine that continues to propel Western capitalism? Who does not know that the US was built by Africans? Who does not know that the US was, and still responsible for countless civil wars that have displaced Africans from the African soil? Of course, Trump does not know all this, but himself. It is only in America where such a brute can be shamelessly associated with the office of the President.

Africans must not ignore Trump’s insults – they must send a unified message that they oppose his demeaning manners. African presidents and the AU must publicly rebuke him and all his ambassadors. They must also send a strong message that we fought racism with blood and Africa will not sit on the same table with those who view us as third-class citizens.

Religious leaders must also send their message to US Christians who defend and associate with Trump—-there is nothing Christian about him or his insults. If you have followed Trump’s demonic insults, you will surely know that of all people who have held public office in world history, Trump is the most soulless and irrational. Yet to white US Evangelicals, Trump is an angel sent from above—he is a son of the racist god born and raised in racist America. Ask Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham; all US Evangelical Christians must support Trump—after all, he is the lifeline US Christianity.

But if you can only count all the things Donald Trump has done, one by one, it will surely surprise you why US evangelicals associate with him. He assaulted women, and boasted about it on camera, but white US Evangelicals shouted, Amen. He insulted disabled persons, and demeaned women, white US Evangelicals shouted, Alleluia! He insulted Mexicans as rapists, and even supported White supremacists, but white US Evangelicals shouted, Kumbaya! He called all Nigerians HIV positive, and white Evangelicals shamelessly shouted, praise the Lord! He praised and supported a child molester, many white US evangelicals shouted, hail the savior–after all he starts his cabinet meetings with prayers–we are told! I can go on and on—but we need to ask, “When will US evangelicals say enough is enough?”

The truth is, Trump is not only dangerously foolish, he is also morally bankrupt. He has lied through his entire life, and continues to do so with the support of white Evangelicals. Trump is not an Evangelical or a Christian, but a racist bigot, who has been propelled into insulting us by those we call Christian brothers and sister—specifically, white evangelicals.

I know that most of us believe that US evangelicals have our interests at heart. No, they don’t. They may bring their bibles and shed crocodile tears about racism, but they don’t want you as their next-door neighbor. Our so called Christian brothers and sisters are highly racist—it is not surprising that they supported the racist government of South Africa. To them, skin color is thicker than the blood of Jesus—no wonder Trump preferred Norwegians over shitholes from the cursed continent.

We, African Christians can change this—we must stand up against all Trump evangelicals – from Pat Robertson of the 700 Club to Franklin Graham to Pastor Rick Warren. We must openly shame them for who they are – racists and white supremacists. They do not consider us full humans, we are shithole Christians, period! It is Jesus who said that you will know them by their fruits—I guess we now know. After all, only birds of the same kind can fly together. All those who support Trump are racists—they may hide behind the bible, and Christianity, but the truth is, they are outrageously racist. Next time you see one, just add racist to their names!

By Kapya Kaoma

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  1. bebe   January 13, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    What can Africa do to Trump?,he will get away with it.Somethings are better not said.Trump speaks the truth.Let us Africans better our countries instead of thriving on corruption,tribalism,nepotism& all the evils which are making us ……as Trump calls Africa