Statement On Loyalty To The Appointing Authority

January 11, 2018

Zambian DNA echoes President Edgar Lungu’s counsel to his Ministers to be humble to Zambians who voted for him.

We also welcome the Ministers’ pledge of loyalty to the Head of State.

Indeed, humility comes before loyalty as it cultivates enough room for commitment to the appointing authority.

But unfortunately, many politicians in either governing party or opposition parties lack humility.

Many politicians who are disloyal to the Republican President often choose to betray him for selfish reasons.

Mostly, these politicians who fall out of favour with the President wrongly accuse those who are still loyal to the Head of State as bootlickers.

However, politicians who are appointed by the President to serve in Government must be loyal to him as the appointing authority as well as the Party President.

It’ sheer hypocrisy for anyone to claim to be loyal to the country and not the Government that was elected by the same people he claims to be loyal to.

We are of the view that Ministers who are disloyal to the appointing authority cannot discharge their duties diligently, and be effective servants of the people as they accepted their ministerial positions for selfish gain.

Ministers who are loyal can help the President discharge his duties diligently, and serve the nation effectively.

We urge the governing party officials, Civil servants, defense forces and security agencies personnel to be loyal to the Republican President and Government for him to serve fully the nation.

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