Councilor Daka Orders Traders To Paint Shops With Dull Colours

Lusaka Central Constituency Independence Ward 14 Councillor George Daka has given traders in the Central Business District(CBD) 14 day5 ultimatum to paint their shops and corridors.

“I refer to the memo of 9th January from the Town Clerk concerning the subject matter and hereby write to further inform you that you have been given 14 days in which to paint and work on your corridors which are in a very bad state. Failure to comply will lead to your shop being closed.
The following are colours to be used dark grey, terracota, brown(light and dark) dark beige.
But traders spoken the recommended are not appropriet.
They said dark beige, dark grey and brown colours are dull and dirty.
“The right colours are red, yellow and green. This is a reason why corporate entitities like MTN, Airtel, Vodafone and Zamtel prefer them, ” Brian Kasali. Source: Kwacha Celebrity Newspaper