Trump “Shithole Countries” Who Can Take Zambia Out? -MNT


DATE : 14-01-2018


As Movement for National Transformation, MNT, we attribute the words of American President Trump in his slur, and vulgar style of an unconventional, and undipolmatic politician, in his usual spontaneous tone, that backward nations of Africa are “Shithole countries” as a serious call for reflection for intra- state, regional, and Continental transformation by all leaders. The high levels of inequalities, corruption, violence, mediocrity, poverty, rural underdevelopment, diseases of unhygienic culture like Cholera, due to lack of sanitation, urban compounds, failed recycled third world politicians, immaturity of leadership to foster dialogue and coexistence, intolerance, sole candidates in political parties, election rigging, manipulation of constitutional rights and freedoms of Citizens, irresponsible consumptionism in public debt, and foreign driven macroeconomics, where citizens are beggars in their own country. All natural resources that must be protected are all being exploited by the few in corrupt questionable transactions with foreigners for selfish aggradizement like Mukula exports.

Consequently, the question is can the dominant political parties like PF and UPND take Zambia out of the Trump “shithole status or not “? Critical observation, positive criticism of the said Parties for checks and balances with all due respects, indicates that they are more of the same 54 years of relative development and mediocrity, rather than ultimate first world development for the following reasons :

1. Both lack strong ideological perspectives to make us first world nation, because they are built on personality, not strong ideological frameworks, systems, structures, and strategies that can make us first world ultimate development. Zambia does not need strong men or Women, but strong democratic fundamentals, and institutions that must run even when individuals are absent from their tenure of office. Systems create continuity and longevity, while personality cult politics fail us but we continue insisting on the same method expecting different results since post independence times. Numbers alone are not an effective evaluation of democratic fundamentals.

2. Both lack mature transformative leadership. Blame shifting games, rather than taking full responsibility – whether it is about Cholera, or lost elections, or the failed dialogue sharply indicates immaturity of leadership.Government requires strong leadership attitudes that are tolerance, humble and visionary not immature arrogance of power.

3. Both have an insatiable appetite for power politics, instead of politics of economics that is why they are both intolerant and charge at opponents with adversarial politics. We cannot be cry babies when we must take full responsibility for the cause of our nation to move from third world to first world nation status. Power, money and moral declension kills effective leadership for first world nation development. We need more than that.

4. Both have recycled politicians with outdated ideas and politics. What new ideas are they bringing, that we have not seen in the last over 54 years since independence whether you listen to the ten point plan or the 7 NDP it’s all recycled ideas. Zambians must analyse vision and ideological frameworks of every party before 2021. We can not simply take a ten point plan or the 7 NDP as gospel solutions to third world “shithole countries status ” these plans are minimums of basics not ultimate visions for a transformative leadership required for Zambia in the 21st century. populist politicians with simplistic ideas of pandering to the masses with gifts have failed us. We need more than beer, chitenge politics, and handouts for campaigns to come out of “shithole countries ” status. Our domestic strength gives foreign policy credentials because we are strong at home. Charity begins at home. Our collective identity, is greater than individual identity.

5. Both are associated with violence, and politics of insults at opponents, where pangas have been found with their cadres and their leaders tolerate violence in most cases. They use young people to perpetuate the vice which is undesirable. Lives have been lost in some instances. While corruption is theft of public resources, violence is a moral corruption, and bankruptcy of mature Leadership. Zambia needs transformative mature Leadership. Any violent Party has no place in civilized modern political dispensation. 2021 will not be about legitimacy or how long a party has subsisted by the lapse of time. It will be about competences for governance and first world or third world choices for every Zambia. Enough of mediocrity!!

6. Both lack a serious industrialisation agenda to aggressively industrialize all sectors to increase our manufacturing base, for smart jobs, export market, balance of trade and self – sustainable development. The 7 NDP comes short of that goal, as a minimum benchmark for backward nations in sustainable goals enshrined in the five pillars therein. The ten point plan is too basic to take us out of third world status. We need to be self-governed, self- sustainable, and self- defense as a modern democratic nation to get to first world nation status. That is MNT is the only party with a first world agenda for Zambia right now since independence.

7. Both can only give us relative development, not ultimate first world nation development. We cannot be a perpetual renovation state, or potential. We now need all our development pistons to start working in the direction of first world nation status. There is no room for relative improvements after 2021. Zambia must cross the T-JUNCTION OF MEDIOCRITY AND RELATIVE improvements in all sectors to ultimate development as a maximized potential since the colonial Era.

8. Both have sole candidates with disguised political intra – party democracy. Those who challenge sole candidates have already been ousted out of power from both parties. Dictatorial tendencies must be curbed at intra- Party level, or it will be worse at national level. ” mutengo ukabenda ukali ungono uvuta kuyondolola ukakula ” Zambia must learn from Bostwana, Namibia, Tanzania, and Ghanaian democracy, the lessons of smooth transfer of power. We must cure electoral malpractices by developing an independent electoral commission. While that is crucial, political players must not have an unguarded appetite for power that puts self- preservation above ststemanship.

Conclusively, both dominate parties have no agenda to make Zambia a first world nation. Can we say first world is not tenable when
Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Israel and the other Advanced nations have done it, while we have remained a perpetual potential with relative development improvements in health, education, Agriculture and tourism? It is time for Zambia to be a first world ultimate development nation and come out of the shithole status. This is why all recycled politicians and all their extensions in some new political parties will not do it. They are more of the same trying to deceive us once again. They are all copy and paste, without novel ideas. They will even steal our ideas without deal acknowledgement. Now everyone is talking industrialisation, transformation, crafting a new Zambia, zero tolerance to corruption Which MNT has been promoting. They have all become the choir, we are the conductor! Let us be humble enough and say Trump is right in his slur against our mediocrity and relative development, and wake up to become a first world nation. Our ideology as MNT is advancing is first world vision for Zambia. This has never been on the political scene of this nation, if any, we have lamentably failed our people to get ultimate development. Will you join the movement for national transformation MNT, to make Zambia a first world nation or remain as a ” Tump shithole country? ”

Issued by :

Daniel Mvula Shimunza
Founding President
Movement for National Transformation
First world ideology.