Iris Refutes Saying Zambian Men Have Low Sperm Count

Iris Kaingu has described as malicious, a story circulating on social media attributed to her that she cannot get married to Zambian men because they have low sperm count.

Clearing the air to Kwacha Celebrity Newspaper, Kaingu, a graduate of Marketing said the story is fake and lacks any element of truth.
She said she has not given an interview to any media house, demeaning and insulting Zambian men because she has respect for them.

Ms Kaingu regretted that there are individuals who are tarnishing her name to make her look bad in the eyes of the public.
Ms Kaingu has called on on-line media outlets that are circulating the story that originated on Zambia Accurate News to pull it down within 24 hours  as it is  injurious and putting her in bad books with society, especially the male folks.

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  1. Chabu-Councillor   January 17, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    She is an impotent