Musenge: Lungu Has Lost Control Of His Cabinet

Musenge: Lungu Has Lost Control Of His Cabinet

MWENYA Musenge says President Edgar Lungu has lost control of his Cabinet. And suspected PF cadres on Friday attacked Musenge and his NDC team in Senga district.

In an interview, Musenge, who is former Copperbelt minister, warned President Lungu and his team to stay away from him.

“President Edgar Lungu has lost control of his ministers. I know that himself as President Lungu, he is against violence and he gives strict instructions that ‘let us not be violent’ but his ministers don’t take his words. If you can have a Cabinet that does not listen to you, just know that you have lost control. I just want to warn President Lungu that should I die, my blood will be on their hands. If they kill me, they will see because I also come from human beings. All we wanted to do was to talk to our people but they (PF) don’t want us to mobilise our party,” Musenge, who is now NDC secretary general, said.

He said PF members should stop engaging in violence, adding that it would not help them in anyway.

“PF criminals are at it again…you would have just heard that nabatwipaya (they have killed us). I travelled to Mpulungu, I had a programme of visiting districts. I started with Mkushi, then I went to Serenje, to Mpika, then I went into Kasama. From Kasama, I proceeded to Mpulungu. We already have an office there. So, I went there to meet my party officials to see how they are getting on. While we were in the office discussing with my party officials, I was ambushed by the PF thugs. So, we managed to contain them and rushed to the police station. When we got to the police station, they also followed us at the police station and were even saying ‘bakapokola ngatabamilonge (if police officers won’t arrest you), we will tell ba Freedom (Sikazwe) tomorrow they will be out of this place,” Musenge said.

“The officer-in-charge came; he said we should have notified them; even for a meeting in the office, that we were supposed to get a permit to have a meeting in the office with my party officials. For a party which is registered! They also said we were supposed to report and give them documents to show that our party is registered. They said ‘we don’t even know if your party is registered’. And they told me there and then that ‘you leave this place’. Can you imagine, in Zambia, we even have certain places where I cannot visit! I was told to leave Mpulungu with my four colleagues. So, we left Mpulungu. Just after leaving Mpulungu, we received a call from our colleagues in Kasama that they had received confidential information that…Kasama district commissioner [was phoned] and they sent him money that this was an opportunity to eliminate me.”Lungu