Statement On Pres. Lungu’s Stance On Political Parties Without Agenda For Zambia

It’s unfortunate that some opposition political parties have recently been formed for the sole purpose of bringing the name of Republican President into disrepute and public odium.

Zambian DNA echoes President Edgar Lungu‘s recent sentiments that he will not waste time responding to wild allegations of corruption and bad governance by the said political parties.

We have also noted with great concern how some established opposition political parties have joined forces with the newly formed political parties to attack the Head of State and Government officials.

Further, it has become fashionable for these opposition political parties to hold media briefings only to character-assassinate President Lungu, Cabinet ministers and threaten them with imprisonment once they form Government.

We urge Zambians to ignore the ranting of the said opposition political leaders as they do not mean well for the country as portrayed by their conduct.

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