Pilato Acting & Merely Seeking Attention

Pilato Acting & Merely Seeking Attention

The claims by Fumba Chama, popularly known as Pilato that he fled the country because of the threats he and his family have received from the Patriotic Front government and its party wings; cadres and senior party members, is not just stupid but a sheer act and a stunt to draw public attention.

If one is to apply serious logic, that’s aside from political bias or political sympathy that seems to cloud many people’s analysis, the following will be drawn out and concluded-

1. That Pilato has no personal following, that’s apart from the usual people that like his disrespectful songs sang desparaging the President and his PF party, from Bufi, Alungu Anabwera, Bashi Tasila, Abanenu and the latest Koswe.

If any argue that he is not a nonentity musically then let them tell us how many hit songs Pilato has that have drawn the country’s musical air waves or mention the awards he has won among the many we have; Ngoma, ZMA, Born n Bred or Kwacha, nothing apart from appearing as featured artist when Chef and Afunika won the best collaboration award for their hit song song Kumwesu, and escorting Kopala Swag members, Hip Hop King Macky2, Chef, Afunika and Muzo Alphanso, an entrant who won an award ahead of him to collect their awards.

I hope that quashes the misconception that Pilato is something big or influential enough to be hunted down for a song that doesn’t give logical reason to change party allegiance, if he was then it would have shown musically as that is his career but alas the people seemingly backing him can only go as far his rhetorical political songs but can not vote for his music to win an award- the wish and pinnacle of every musician.

It would have made sense if it was a musician of Petersen Zagaze who would be pursued as his political song are not derogative but carry with them Intelligent messages that upon listening would give you reason to change party allegiance; Job 13:13, Letter to the president or Zaga for President, songs with lasting lyrical content.

2. He as produced derogative songs before and no one has hunted him down save for when he had to appear before court for defaming the president in his Alungu Anabwera song, what has changed now that he would be sought, of what difference is the Koswe song? Same subject in his songs and it’s President Lungu.

3. His song was released two months ago, that should have been the time when he would have been hunted down and not now when people have overheard it and it’s less appealing to the eye.

Finally, the president and his government have machinery at their disposal to hunt Pilato down and catch him in a snip, I mean he is not that elusive to run away from both state and party intelligence officers. The fact that he managed to cross boarders is an attest that he is not being sought after but is putting an act all to seek public attention which in my view is irrelevant as no PF member will ditch the party on the pretext that an individual like him is being threatened for disrespecting their sitting head of state, it leaves everything as the status quo; PF members being PF members, NDC members sympathizing with him and UPND ones supporting him while none gains political mileage off his act. I suspect he is trying to draw attention away from NDC’s growing popularity since UPND has nothing new to draw it especially after the attention drawing arrest of Hakainde Hichilema that has ebbed months after his release.

Let him be truthful and just come back home and be with his family. Facebook threats are just sheer chatter and nothing to take seriously, we are threatened to but you can not treat every caderic threat seriously.

Mbanga Irvine Ilukui. (MI-2)
United States of America.

6 Responses to "Pilato Acting & Merely Seeking Attention"

  1. TRUTH - SELENIKO TWIKALE   February 2, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    Artists are there to act as buffers between the Government/Politicians and the people not through vulgar language or insults. Pilato is not morally upright. As Africans we should portray our African moral values even when we rebuke, I have never seen a person who has ever been changed by Insults, actually the truth is more painful than an Insult, this Boy is misguided He needs help.

  2. wanyao   February 2, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Anso iwee irvin ilichupuba saana. Akukolopafye ukuokwine waba.

    • TRUTH - SELENIKO TWIKALE   February 3, 2018 at 2:31 pm

      Irvin is right the fool is you who can only insult as your brain can not generate sane thoughts to contribute viably what a waste of a human being you are please change and start thinking that is why our Country is going down and down with this kind of material it is impossible to govern. Ala naifwe twalishiba ichibemba nensele sha ciko but we have chosen to be upright nififine umuntu wasulwa ngaiwe ashingwila icibumba amafi.

  3. iyeee   February 2, 2018 at 4:30 pm

    what a truly nonsensical article….cant believe I just wasted a couple of minutes of my life reading this crap. Good thing I didn’t finish it.

    • TRUTH - SELENIKO TWIKALE   February 3, 2018 at 2:38 pm

      Give reasons why this article is nonsensical! Because from what I can tell you simply defeated in opinion stop being a buffoon, how can you say it is nonsensical whilst you did not finish it! Maybe you are a blind follower or an uninformed clown pretending to be a normal person.

  4. Kweshako   February 3, 2018 at 1:48 am

    Stupid.if pipo want to kill they can come for u wherever u are