US Government Shutdown After Congress Fails To Vote

US Government Shutdown After Congress Fails To Vote

The US government has shut down after Congress failed to pass a key budgetary measure on time.

Lawmakers had hoped to approve a new spending bill before federal funding expired at midnight (05:00 GMT).

But Republican Senator Rand Paul ended hopes for a quick vote when he demanded a debate in the chamber on his amendment to maintain spending caps.

In January, a similar failure to pass a bill led to a three-day government shutdown.

Late on Thursday, as Senator Paul continued to delay the vote, the White House said it was preparing for a possible shutdown.

One Response to "US Government Shutdown After Congress Fails To Vote"

  1. symptoms of colon polyps   February 10, 2018 at 5:47 am

    After another government shutdown, congress has passed a long term spending bill

    Both the house of representatives and the senate approved a bill to keep the government funded until March 23

    Since when is a 37 day spending bill considered long term? Only in the minds of the idiots in Washington.

    Rumors are Pelosi will speak non-stop for the next 37 days, to protest her vote.