Defectors Are Just The Same People Fooling Politicians, Says Kabimba

Defectors Are Just The Same People Fooling Politicians, Says Kabimba

WYNTER Kabimba says Rainbow Party’s political approach is to go down to the people and mobilise them quietly unlike embracing people that are contaminated with the defection syndrome.

And Kabimba has called the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) a grouping of “disgruntled Bemba characters”.

Meanwhile, Kabimba, who is the Rainbow Party general secretary of the Central Committee, said the question of which political party will win the 2021 general elections will be answered by the country’s population and not the leadership of concerned political parties.

There is currently a noticeable battle of supremacy involving the UPND, ruling PF and the NDC. The Rainbow Party, on the other hand, seems to have lost its political pageantry it came with on the political scene three years ago. But Kabimba, in an interview, explained that the Rainbow Party had a different approach from the rest of the political parties.

“If you watch what is happening, you’ll see that all these political parties believe in the politics of defections – parading people, even if it is just one person, that they have moved from this political party to our political party and that kind of thing. You’ll not find the Rainbow Party parading anybody. That is one major difference because as far as we are concerned, the defectors are just the same people,” Kabimba explained.

“If you examine them, they are just the same defectors and so, how political parties and their leadership get fooled by this group of people is one thing that we do not understand in the Rainbow Party; that a person can be PF today, join another political party tomorrow and two weeks later, come back to PF! How can you trust an individual like that? What it means is that this guy believes neither in the PF nor the political party where he had defected to. [But] our approach is to go down to the people and mobilise the people quietly. Approach number [is that] we are trying to recruit new people in our political party – the people that are not contaminated with the defection syndrome.”

He added that the Rainbow Party, a socialist-oriented political formation, believed in speaking when it had a message to the Zambian people.

“And the message is how we are going to better their lives than it is today. So, when those messages land on fertile ground, then the issue of 2021 is left to the people. It doesn’t have to come from an orchestra of the party leadership that 2021 we are winning. How can everybody win in 2021? There can only be one winner!” he noted.

And Kabimba stressed that the central message of the Rainbow Party was that no change shall come about for as long as the capitalist system reigned high.

“We believe in sending a message to the Zambian people; how is Rainbow Party relevant to your lives? How can it better your lives? How can you believe in this political party? The centrality of our message is this; the Zambian people will see no meaningful change to their lives as long as the economy of this country is not transferred into their hands – as long as the Zambians are not made to be the major players in the economy of their country,” he observed.

“What do the other political parties believe in? The PF believes that this economy is [going to] be run by the Chinese. So, Chinese investors have become a major factor in the policy of economic development under the PF. The UPND believes in the same thing; they believe that this economy can only be transformed by bringing in more and more foreign investors, except that they should not be Chinese. So, there is no difference between the two political parties!”

Meanwhile, Kabimba called the NDC, whose consultant is Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili, a tribal conclave.

“The NDC, I mean, as far as we are concerned, NDC is not even a political party that we should be talking about. I have not heard any message from the NDC other than the fact that this is a grouping of disgruntled Bemba characters! That is the NDC; Kambwili is Bemba, Eric Chanda is Bemba, Mwenya Musenge is Bemba-speaking. When you look at the list, it is a conclave of Bembas! They have no message for the Zambian people other than preaching Bemba hegemony,” he said.

“Their message is that this country can only be run by one ethnic grouping, they believe in ethnic hegemonism. That’s what they believe in! Even the corruption that Mr Kambwili is talking about, he is talking about it because it is not him doing it, not that he believes that corruption is bad. He is talking about it because it is not him doing it; the tools of corruption have been taken away from him [and] that’s why he is crying to the high heavens about corruption. So, that analysis I have given you makes you see how the Rainbow Party stands out to be different from all political parties.”

Asked about ‘developmental’ tours that are being conducted by President Edgar Lungu, Kabimba said “I laugh when I see the President going on these tours to inspect developmental projects”.

“I think that if the President was serious about the responsibilities of his office, it wouldn’t be worth his time to go and look at the [construction] stage a hospital has reached in one district or the number of kilometres that have been covered in the construction of a road. I don’t think that is worth the President’s time,” Kabimba said.

“Just like I laugh when I see a PSs (permanent secretaries) and ministers inspecting road projects; even making comments that this is a good road. Where did you train to be a road engineer to be able to determine that this a good road? Where do you get the qualifications as a minister, as a PS to be able to determine that the construction of a particular road meets the engineering specifications?”

He further accused ministers and permanent secretaries of not understanding their responsibilities.

“You have a PS, for example, in [the Ministry of] Water, Bishop Eddy Chomba, who goes round giving us the American slang ‘wora, wora,’ (water, water). Where did he train as a water engineer? What I know is that the PS is the chief administrator in the ministry – he is not an inspector. So, the point I’m making is that the purported tours by the President to go and inspect developmental projects are not worth the time of that office. There are more serious issues that the President must be losing sleep on than inspecting the stage development of a hospital,” said Kabimba, a former justice minister in Michael Sata’s government.

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  1. ANYOKO   February 11, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    walasa but you are too quiet SIR , though you have explained ur quietness still not convincing

  2. EWa   February 12, 2018 at 8:59 am

    He is too quiet because he knows that he stands no chance even if was to stand with General Miyanda alone. What is wrong with the Head of state inspecting developmental stages?

  3. Greg Kadimba   February 12, 2018 at 4:05 pm