PF donations, Mobilisation Won’t Change The People’s Minds – Kambwili

PF donations, Mobilisation Won’t Change The People’s Minds – Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili has said the donations being given by the PF and its countrywide mobilisation exercise will not make Zambians change their minds. And Kambwili, the Roan PF member of parliament and NDC political consultant, says pressure the PF is getting from the NDC is just a tip of the iceberg as 2021 draws near.

Commenting on the PF’s party mobilisation and presidential tours, Kambwili, the NDC consultant, said the gifts the PF was giving to Zambians would not make informed voters change their mind as they would apply the ‘Donchi Kubeba’ strategy which the ruling party rode on while in opposition.

“They have felt the pressure of NDC but it’s too late, the people have already changed their minds,” Kambwili said.

The former information and broadcasting minister and chief government spokesman accused the PF of bribing voters with bicycles and free books after massive pressure from the opposition. He challenged the PF to state where they got the money to be buying bicycles and books for people when the ruling party had no money-generating businesses.

“And this idea of wanting to bribe people with corrupt money is making it even worse. All this time, why were they not giving the aged some money? Why were they not buying bicycles for people? Mwila the other day announced that they were going to give 178 bicycles to each constituency. Can they tell us where they got the money? PF is broke,” Kambwili said.

He said the PF would cry owing to massive pressure from NDC ahead of the 2021 elections. Kambwili said the PF’s sudden “Santa Claus act” was a clear indication that “the ruling party is using corruptly acquired money to bribe voters leading to the 2021 elections”.

“PF doesn’t run a business, where have they gotten K178,000 to buy bicycles and 40,000 books per constituency? Let them tell us where they have gotten the money, this is proof that they are corrupt. We are not against people giving free books but when the money is gotten out of corruption, then we have a problem with it,” said Kambwili.

“They are doing acts of corruption, stealing from the people and then start using the same money to buy bicycles to bribe them in order to get votes. It will not work. We have told our people that collect the bicycles but tell them ‘Don’t Kubeba’. The pressure will continue, wina azalila.”

On January 18, the PF announced the launch of its party mobilisation programme countrywide with a call to all members of the party to exercise high levels of discipline. PF secretary general Davies Mwila warned party members fond of insulting senior officials on social media and blogs that they risked facing disciplinary action.

“In this year, 2018, the party will not tolerate indiscipline. This is the year to mobilise new members and grow the party,” said Mwila.