Staffer Demands K5m From ZNBC for Defamation

Staffer Demands K5m From ZNBC for Defamation

ZNBC staffer Misheck Moyo is demanding K5 million from the national broadcaster for alleged defamation of character.

According to a source, Moyo, who is being represented by lawyers Mak Partners, is demanding that the institution compensates him for defamation after he was found with no case to answer following his suspension from work last year for attending a church service with Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili in Mufulira.

His suspension letter indicated that he had brought the name of ZNBC into disrepute following his attendance of the church service that NDC officials also attended. But after a disciplinary hearing was convened by management in Kitwe where Moyo was stationed at the time of the suspension, he was discharged with no case to answer.

“It’s from that background that Moyo has instructed his lawyers to issue a demand notice of K5 million addressed to ZNBC director general,” the source said.

“It was alleged that Moyo was a financial coordinator of a political organisation named National Democratic Congress and that he assaulted a Mr Steven Kainga (PF Copperbelt chairperson).”

ZNBC further alleged that he had brought the name of ZNBC and its employees into shame as a result of his alleged inimical activities on November 12, 2017.

His lawyers indicated that due to the allegations levelled against their client, Moyo, he was subjected to a disciplinary hearing whose findings were that the allegations against him were false.

The lawyers, according to the source, have further stated that allegations levelled against their client were brought to the public fora through Parliament and news broadcast. The source further said based on the allegations against Moyo, his lawyers are demanding K5 million from ZNBC and have given 14 days in which the money should be paid.

And the source further disclosed that after being discharged on the first charge, management went ahead to slap him with three more dismissible offences.

The source disclosed that Moyo has been charged with issuing a statement to the Observer online media where he attacked ZNBC management, among other charges.