Sexual Abuse Of Pupils Shocks TSC

Sexual Abuse Of Pupils Shocks TSC

The Teaching Service Commission has expressed concern with the high rate of absenteeism and by teachers in Southern Province.


Teaching Service Commission Chairperson Stanley Mhango has revealed that Southern Province is leading in cases of sexual abuse of pupils by teachers in Zambia and has warned that culprits will be disciplined.


Mr. Mhango issued the warning today in Livingstone when the Teaching Service Commission held a meeting with teacher unions saying there is need to bring sanity to the teaching profession.


And Mr. Mhango clarified that it is not true that eighty per cent of teachers in Zambia are involved in sexual misconduct as reported by some media outlets.


He explained that the percentage represents the number of school girls who indicated during a study conducted in three provinces that male teachers are likely to approach them for sex.


Mr. Mhango said the teaching commission is also worried that many teachers are leaving rural areas for schools in towns and cities and observed that the trend is creating an imbalance of the teaching staff in the country.