2021 RACE IN MOTION …We Are Giving 120 Bicycles To Each Constituency, But It’s Not a Campaign – PF

2021 RACE IN MOTION …We Are Giving 120 Bicycles To Each Constituency, But It’s Not a Campaign – PF

THE Patriotic Front has embarked on a programme to distribute over 18,000 bicycles in readiness for the 2021 general elections, secretary general Davies Mwila has revealed.

But the party has received sharp criticism from Netizens who have had a glimpse of the many bicycles meant to be distributed to Constituencies, wards and branches.

In an interview with The Mast yesterday, Mwila said the bicycles were part of the 2021 preparations and were being given to party officials to help in their mobilisation plan.

He explained that each of the 156 constituencies would be given 120 bicycles that would in turn benefit the branches and wards.

“They are for constituencies, wards and branches. We are doing party mobilisation in all the provinces. It’s not a campaign, this is not a campaign time, we are going round mobilising the party…yes. So we are preparing our officials for 2021, we are giving them the tools for them to become mobile. We have been doing the indoor meetings,” Mwila said

He further challenged the opposition to also start their party mobilisation.

“Let them also go on and mobilise their people. They are doing the card renewal, who has stopped them? As we are talking, they (UPND) are going to Northern Province, so let them just also mobilise their own people. They are doing public meetings but I have been doing indoor meetings talking to our people,” said Mwila.

During campaigns for the 2011 general elections, former president Rupiah Banda, who was the incumbent then, also distributed thousands of branded bicycles, among many other party materials, to the MMD officials across the country.

However, they lost the presidential election despite running the most lavish campaign Zambia had ever seen at the time.

Here below are selected reactions on Facebook to the PF branded bicycles earmarked for distribution to party structures countrywide.

Quiman Mavimba: I don’t know why politicians just can’t seem to stay away from bicycles. Bicycles always get politicians in trouble after they leave power.

Edward Mumba: “May we start looking for this sign of bicycles as a sign of political party end time?

Moses C Kuwema: “Our money. Politicians never seem to learn. This strategy failed the last time MMD used it, some of the leaders ended up in court but here we are again. Anyway, campaigns for 2021 are in full gear, the opposition better catch up.

Passmore Mudenda: Kaya mwandi; I think PF is wrong to put de (sic) portrait of ECL since his eligibility case for 2021 is in court; this is the reason why the opposition says the judiciary is compromised.

Phil Na Tomaida Mwansa: The worrying thing is that we still have a population that can be swayed by such. Indeed we are a cheap people. Unfortunately psychologically cheap.

Justine Munshya: This is the cry of the dying horse. Such purchases remind me of RB, this is where Lungu is heading to, no wonder RB shed tears like monkey pees dropping from the tree. RB fed us with branded condoms, branded prostitutes BRAS and nickers for easy identification that I have taken an MMD prostitute, branded lolly pops, branded sugar canes, trees were branded. He even went further on branding moving dogs, pigs, cows. Lastly, he branded my sitting room, but guess what? I voted for the late president Sata, MHSRIP. I think a lesson was not learnt.

Chanda Shadreck Nkonde: Instead of buying medicines to save that dying child or that pregnant mother, you go buy this sh*t! Lesa akamikanda bamukukulu imwe.

Sunday Nyeleti: Reminds me of 2011. Honestly HE the president must know better about what happened to his advisor. He did the most expensive campaign in Africa and on top heavily funded Chanda Chimbwi (Chimba III who died yesterday) but where is he today? Zambians love decent campaigns and not offensive ones. RB’s way of campaign is very offensive. Emulate MCS’s campaign style. Very simple and mutual. Tenze kuzipeleka teka and expecting nothing in return.

Itx Trish Phils: This is bullshit; we have jokers in this country. People learn to vote wisely and in that constituency, get those bicycles and vote for the other party.

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  1. teejay   March 12, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    Here we go again!!!!

  2. council man   March 12, 2018 at 4:49 pm

    Ni campaign whom do you want to deceive PF,check out uppz is hot.