Lusaka Businessman Mutale Says Sorry To His Wife And Kids, ‘I Will Never Entertain Such Stupidity’

Lusaka Businessman Mutale Says Sorry To His Wife And Kids, ‘I Will Never Entertain Such Stupidity’

Dear editor,

I’m Mutale Mutale from Kabwata responding to a post by the lady claiming she’s carrying my child. I know everything is said and done but what “I can say is that it’s all a blue lie and if you can read her post carefully it’s all fake, how come a friend told her I stay in Kabwata and married with kids when she claims she has been by my place? Where was my wife, where were my kids and the maid?

My relationship status on Facebook has always been ‘married’ I love my wife and kids and am proud of them nowonder I kip posting & changing their photos.My Facebook  friends and  family will agree with me.

Nevertheless , the truth is I said no to her and worse I refused to give her money for her hair, then phone & so on.

One more important thing; lastly I must apologize to my wife, my kids family & friends for disappointing you, all I know from now on I will be extra careful and promise never to entertain such stupidity. Please forgive me.

In case you missed the post read it   below:

Hi Editor,

Please post for me.

I met this man some time back and he asked me out and I accepted his proposal and as time went by our relationship progressed smoothly.
Time came when I didn’t see my periods and was worried and went for a check up and found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t devastated about the news because I really loved the guy and in my own understanding he loved me too.

unfortunately when I told a friend of mine about this guy, she recognized the man as Daniel Mutale and explained that he lives in Kabwata and had been asking her out but she found out that he is married with kids and the woman’s name is Daisy .

I was shocked because I talk to this man every single hour so where has been his wife all this time. We were having late night video calls, the outings and even the visiting to his place where he had been staying.

I tried investigating and I confirmed that indeed this man was married. I didn’t know what to do since I was already pregnant so I decided to ask for money from him, he assured me he would give me but never did.

I never wanted to be the reason his break up with his wife so I wanted to carry out an abortion without telling him am pregnant with the same money I asked for.

He said Friday he would give me so so I waited. I tried to call him countless number of times just for him to pick up and pull out drama asking me why I was calling him in the night but usually we talked late nights and it didn’t bother him so I realized it must have been because of his wife being near so I cut the line. When I asked what was the meaning of that he said you don’t know what you’ve caused here.

So I just watched and asked about the money which he replied rudely ati “ushe nikongole?” I was shocked that people change overnight I was hurt I decided to spit out what the money was for and he went quiet but one thing he is forgetting is he has a female child when she grows up will he want another married man treating her badly if I tell my parents they will definitely just carry and drop me by his place but won’t that be another situation of me seeing his wife everyday ruining their marriage and relationship?

3 Responses to "Lusaka Businessman Mutale Says Sorry To His Wife And Kids, ‘I Will Never Entertain Such Stupidity’"

  1. Kweshako   April 11, 2018 at 12:05 am

    Married men just use you,lesson.

  2. ME   April 11, 2018 at 12:31 pm

    I think there is some truth in what the lady said. Do you give money to random chics for hair and whatever else??

  3. The great one   April 12, 2018 at 11:32 am

    If you read carefully, analytically, it’s crystal clear that the lady is telling the truth. The explanation of the man above is skeletal, and lacks basic facts. It’s like he is hiding something. The lady might not even be pregnant but she just wants the money for ‘compensation’. The truth is they have slept with each other on a number of occasions.