ICOZ Apologizes To Nevers Mumba

ICOZ Apologizes To Nevers Mumba

Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) Board Chairperson Bishop David Masupa has apologised to MMD Faction leader Dr. Nevers Mumba that the church was unable to give him the necessary support during his incarceration.

On Monday UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba accused the church of abandoning Dr Mumba in his hard times.

But Bishop Masupa has told Q-news that the church cannot abandon their own irrespective of their standing in society.

He says Dr. Mumba’s incarceration happened within the shortest period of time therefore it was difficult for the church to even pay him a visit in prison.

2 Responses to "ICOZ Apologizes To Nevers Mumba"

  1. Jah Messenger   April 11, 2018 at 1:11 pm

    Short time, like really?

  2. nshilimubemba   April 11, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    What has the church got to do with politicians , well to my thinking the church doesn’t belong to any man but to Jesus ; we can ask what the Lord would say about brother Mumba would he go and face the police or the president!
    The counts of Jesus and John the baptist could be considered in oder to figure out to what the Lord would do.
    Jesus said give to ceaser what belongs to the king as a ruler, really the Lord was about to be made a king yet he refused and said my kingdom is not of this world .
    We may not fully be able to tell what is right to say about our brother .