Jail has made Me a Better Person – Mumba

Jail has made Me a Better Person – Mumba

NEVERS Mumba says his incarceration has made him better and not bitter.

Mumba, in an interview yesterday, said the righteous should stand up and take charge of the country.

“First of all, I feel greatly honoured and privileged by the Lord to have allowed me to go through that experience. I can also confirm that the incarceration has just made me better and not bitter because I found myself praying for my instructors and therefore my position is that forgive them Lord for they do not know what they are doing, especially that that is the prayer that Jesus prayed over Easter, he was arrested over Easter and I was arrested over Easter,” Mumba said.

“In my prayer time, the Lord asked me to forgive those who have ganged up to abuse those with opposing views and those with different vision for this country. Like Jesus said, they do not know what they are doing. Had they known, they would have not crucified the Lord. I know that they are looking at this whole thing as a political matter but the truth of the matter really is that the righteous have to make a decision to move this country in the right direction or allow this country to continue to collapse because the righteous are afraid. But I think what has happened makes me realise more why I am in politics. What happened at the magistrates court where the (magistrate) made that decision which I disagree with…the truth is I never told a lie that he is talking about.”

He said he had decided to appeal to the High Court because the ruling by the magistrates’ court was “reckless and political”.

“I have prayed for Mr. [David] Simusamba. I feel very sorry that he did what he did for the past one week…keeping me in jail instead of doing is duty of providing bail. I have done a letter that we are submitting to the Judicial Complaints Commission of misconduct of Mr. [David] Simusamba,” Mumba said.

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  1. HH Azinama!   April 13, 2018 at 1:41 am

    Are you therefore going back to preaching at Victory Ministries?