OP Has Told Lungu that MPs Are Not With Him – Kambwili

OP Has Told Lungu that MPs Are Not With Him – Kambwili

The Office of the President has told Edgar Lungu that his members of parliament are not with him that is why they have resolved to block the impeachment motion through the courts, says Chishimba Kambwili.

And Kambwili says President Lungu and his fellow criminals are now panicking because they have seen that the impeachment motion, which he initiated, is real.

Meanwhile, Kambwili says he will next week narrate how the state planned to assassinate him.

Some Zambians, who are being represented by Hobday Kabwe and Company, Lewis Mosho of Lewis Nathan Advocates and Kanja Mpundu of Palan and George Advocates, have challenged the Speaker’s decision to entertain the impeachment motion in the Lusaka High Court.

The Applicants, Robert Chabinga and Henry Mulenga argued that the Speaker’s decision to accept the motion was unreasonable, procedurally improper and illegal.

But in an interview, Tuesday, the Roan PF member of parliament, who is still recovering from police brutality, said the intelligence had briefed President Lungu that his MPs were not on his side, hence the panic.

“They are a lot of PF MPs supporting this motion, that’s why they are scared. These guys have got the OP on their side, they have got the intelligence, they have told them that some of your MPs are not with you. The best way you can do is to block it Why would they be scared if they didn’t know that some PF MPs were supporting it? People cannot be intimidated anymore,” Kambwili said.

“And by the way, the impeachment is a secret ballot. They know what it means that’s why they are scared. Icho tulefwayafye ifwe, kufunyapo bakabolala. baiba! balibelela ukwiba and we can’t just be watching bakabolala balefwala amarolex, impiya ishakwiba nensoni tabakwata! fikabolala ifi, fi pompwe! Fi nsibila nsala (What we want is to remove these thieves. They have stolen, they have gotten so used to stealing and we cannot continue to watch the thieves wearing Rolex watches without shame. These are thieves! Criminals).”

Kambwili said he knew the PF was up to something sinister when the Speaker failed to table the motion in the last sitting.

“Edgar Lungu and his friends created an impression that the impeachment was a waste of time and that they had the numbers, they didn’t care about it. The first thing that we saw was failing to bring the motion within the week of closing Parliament and immediately, I knew that they were up to no good. I personally knew that they were up to mischief because every Wednesday, there are Private Members Motions. So that motion, ordinarily should have come on Wednesday after filing it. But obviously, you know that there is no proper separation of powers in this country between the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. There is interference by the executive. And when I saw that filing to halt the process in court, I knew that the thieves are now unsettled,” he said.


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  1. SOBO   April 13, 2018 at 7:47 am

    Kambwiri ,its not even a year you and fellow fools formed you party and you expect to be in nation office,…………? you are still very far and need more years to come. i think you and your HH scared of 2021 election coz ECL will still be in the office, why so early and fast calling that rather than waiting for elections to show us how popular you are……………………….?

  2. Ewa   April 13, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    Wina azafentaso!