Political And Electoral Violence:A Sign Of Visionless Leadership In Zambia

DATE: 15-04-2018

As Movement for National Transformation, MNT, we are OPPOSED to, any Party leaders who sponsor violence to advance their political clout. Recent violent attempts at the residence of Dr Nervous Mumba, when he held a Press Briefing, and electoral violence in the by- elections must be condemned in the strongest terms in a civilized nation like Zambia. Violence is rooted in :

Firstly, visionless leadership. Political parties without a compelling vision for Zambia all practice violence. A leader who moves with violent cadres, and sponsors youths to commit crimes is wicked, and has no vision for Zambia. True Vision protects lives, not destroys others. That is why weak leaders, use black propaganda to deceive the masses. They use character assassination, to get an advantage over their opponents, because they have nothing else to offer. Democracy is rooted in a consensus, based on persuasion of hearts of men, not cheap vote buying, and gimmicks. No Zambian must be bought to make a leadership choice. Freedom is priceless, and human dignity is priceless. Our national transformation, will start with puting priority on human development, and value.

Secondly, violence is rooted in insecurity of a leader. A true leader is secure. His security is not in how many people worship him or her, as a demi- god, but his service to the people. The more insecure a leader is, the more body guards they need, and the more their intoxication with power which corrupts them. Security comes from a sincere heart to serve your country honestly, and contribution of a deep vision. True leaders sacrifice for the country, not sacrifice the country for profit.

Thirdly, violence is a desperate attempt to get power, without accepting the responsibility thereof. Positional power in politics, does not give one ability, but exposes their weaknesses or wisdom. That is why merely, wining an election, is not the ultimate goal of a leader, but the vision one executes, for the good of the people, and country.

Fourthly, violence is rooted in weak electoral laws, that govern political parties. Leaders who practice or sponsor violence, must not only be censured, but disqualified from running for any political office, at whatever level. These laws must be enforced forthwith, to stop violence at all levels of political rivalry, and life. No zambian is worth shedding blood to secure the fortunes of power of any leader. We must protect, and value all life as sacred before God.

Fifthly, violence is rooted in abuse of our youths, who are used to champion violent acts against political opponents. We need to empower our youths, not abuse them in violence as leaders.

MNT, has a ZERO TOLERANCE TO VIOLENCE POLICY, ONCE IN POWER. We also will focus on civic education, to develop a well informed knowledge society. We shall also build a contextualised reformed democracy, with civilized politics, through transformation of mindsets of our people. All leaders must rise above immature peer rivalry, mediocrity, electoral, and political violence. 2021 has no room for weak ideological positions of political parties. We must up our political game, to make Zambia a 21st century first world nation. MNT seeks nothing, but the best for our country, through debt – free, transformative leadership, and all inclusive first world aggressive industrialisation, and an advanced economy, for mutual benefits for all, in a private enterprise dominant economy.

Issued by :

Daniel Mvula Shimunza
Founding President
Movement for National Transformation
For First World Zambia Ideology