Kabwe Mayor Says MP Tutwa Ngulube Is ‘Too Pompous’

Kabwe Mayor Says MP Tutwa Ngulube Is ‘Too Pompous’

KABWE mayor Prince Chileshe says Tutwa Ngulube “is so pompous” and that he does not want to engage the local authority on some of its operations, “no wonder he is speaking from an ignorant mind”.

And Chileshe has accused Ngulube, the Kabwe Central member of parliament, of “mobilising support for a named opposition political party under the (guise) of being a PF member of parliament”.

Meanwhile, Chileshe has disclosed that Kabwe Municipal Council is facing a financial crisis.

Kabwe Municipal Council has come into the limelight after sustained allegations by Ngulube that there was corruption at the local authority.

Last week on Wednesday, Ngulube told The Mast that he was going through a battle because he had declared war on corrupt activities at Kabwe Municipal Council.

The lawmaker was on Tuesday last week arrested in Kabwe for alleged criminal trespass and running an alleged illegal bus station in Kabwe town.

Speaking on Muvi TV’s The Assignment programme on Sunday evening, Chileshe explained that Ngulube was alleging financial impropriety at Kabwe Municipal Council because he allegedly did not care to take time to have an interface with the people in charge of the local authority.

“My brother is so pompous that he cannot come to us [and] as a result, he is speaking from an ignorant mind and misleading the masses. To the people of Kabwe, he has told them that the reason these people (council management) are not remitting is because they’ve stolen and this is what they are using to buy the Marcopolo buses, the tipper trucks and building hotels – which is a complete falsehood,” Chileshe charged.