Shame as Mbala Teacher Is Caught Bonking Grade 6 Pupil In The Bush

By Victor Mushota
A Male Teacher in Mbala District of Northern Province was last week caught having sex with a Grade Six Pupil in the bush by villages who even took his motorcycle as evidence to Chief Zombe, sources from both Chief Zombe and Mbala DEBS have confirmed.
Sources say the male teacher identified as Mr Kennedy Kuta who is currently on the run, teaches at Sangu Primary School in Zombe Chiefdom within Mbala District. He was transferred from Kaka Primary School to where he is currently (Sangu Primary) two years ago because of this same issue of abusing young girls sexually.

After abusing more than 10 school girls at Kaka Primary School two years ago, Mr Kuta was reported both to the DEBS office and the Social Welfare who only decided to transfer him to Sangu School where he has continued sleeping with young girls.

He is currently on the run and both the DEBS and the Chief have not yet authorized the matter to be reported to police as they first want him caught.