Mumbi Warns PF Members Against ‘Negative’ FB Postings

Mumbi Warns PF Members Against ‘Negative’ FB Postings

MUMBI Phiri says the ruling Patriotic Front will not wash dirty linen in public.
The PF deputy secretary general yesterday vowed to deal with all those destabilising the party.
Addressing the media at the party secretariat in Lusaka yesterday, Mumbi warned those insulting the leadership and creating divisions ahead of the intraparty elections.
“It’s my rare honour to receive the people who have come to join us. We don’t call each other now as defectors because we are One Zambia, One Nation. And since they are ladies and of course gentlemen but the head are the ladies and that’s why the secretary general [Davies Mwila] gave me this privilege to receive them as fellow ladies. Pantu fwema ladies, fwe banamayo twalyafya. Elo nomba tulelanda ati ifitenge kwisa…kuntashi, amatoloshi, kunuma and that we can do pantu the majority voters are us women,” Mumbi said.
“Only if we speak with one voice and support each other can we go a long way. Let me also just re-emphasise from what the secretary general told us when he was in Southern Province. Those of you who are trying to scandalise us, as your leaders during this campaign, let me warn you that we shall deal with you. These offices which we are holding, we were given this mandate by you. Me, I was elected as member of the central committee at the last convention when [late president Michael] Mr Sata was still alive and let us remember that we also know that these positions are not personal-to-holder. As leaders we should know that when Mumbi Phiri is in this position as deputy SG, I should be willing to give up power to someone who is vibrant like me.”

She said there was no need for members to remind her and Mwila of people who in the past occupied offices and positions.

Mumbi said she knew that one day, she would leave to pave way for new brains.

She said she would be happy to leave her position knowing that she served with honour.

“Leaving this stage to the young ones to take over from us, it should be a culture and for us as PF, we should put it in practice when we are saying imiti ikula empanga. We should practice that. I would like to see people like Bene Nikiwe, my daughter who is shouting here to come and take over from us. This leadership of Davies Mwila and Mumbi Phiri is very much aware that this position in which I am there was Mrs Atanga whom I took over from, there is no need for you to come here and remind Davies that there was Wynter Kabimba. We know that and when the time comes we shall gladly go and be proud to say ‘twali Ba SG bamu local’,” she said.

Phiri called on party members to campaign without malice as doing so would divide the party further.

“Our job is to protect our structures. Just because you are deputy SG, you are members of the central committee, if you start intimidating our grassroots, we shall deal with you. Our strength as a secretariat is our party structures and the members of the party so my fellow members, muntu akabwela kuli imwe, me I serve under Davies Mwila who is my boss. If somebody comes to you and tells you to say we should protect Mumbi Phiri ninshi balefwaya bamilufye, because Mumbi Phiri falls under Davies Mwila who is my boss. Somebody who has an interest should say let us serve Davies Mwila, I am under his umbrella, it means I am also protected. As leaders we should learn and accept when our structures vote, they give the people, so let us embrace them and work with them. Whether I like Antonio [Mwanza], whether I like Sunday Chanda, if I am given to work with them and I am a good leader, I should embrace them and they should see the goodness in me,” she said.
Phiri warned members who were posting scandalous messages against party leaders of severe disciplinary measures once found guilty.

Mumbi Phiri
“These campaigns which you are doing because mwalipata Mumbi Phiri pantu takwata ama hips, alyonda then you go and start saying…you have even made camps, those camps you are basing your campaigns on individuals, you are telling them that if you can’t to join our camp just go and say Mumbi Phiri is a bad woman, just go and say honorable Yamfwa Mukanga is very fat then you come join our camp…am I campaign material? The SG emphasized that let us go and tell the people what we are going to do for them. How we are going to move with the people whether Mumbi Phiri alibendama, whether Yamfwa Mukanga alina, whether Anthonio mutali, that’s irrelevant. This is the last time we should see what we are seeing circulating on social media. PF is one family, let us unite and be one. Look at how many people are getting attracted to us, these people, like these who have come from FDD, we have not given them not even one ngwee and we are not buying people. How many people can we buy, how much money nangu wali wina kuti wakwanisha?…Confusion should come to an end. I repeat, those who are posting things on social media, you shall be dealt with,” said Mumbi who added that she would sort out the wrangles in Matero Constituency, without elaborating on the nature of the squabbles.

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  1. The3y3   September 13, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    So there is dirty linen within PF?